Adult and Couples Therapy

Adults and Couples
sessions can help by:
developing trust
teaching effective commincation
developing insight into relationships
developing insight into yourself within the intimate
developing insight into your partner
identifying how the past has shaped current behavior
developing effection coping skills
learning to love and be loved
learning the foundation of friendship

I use the principals and activities in Dr. John Gottman's work. This is augmented with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a Psycho-Dymamic approach, as well as Solution-Based and expereincial methods.

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Using Creativity and Logic to Improve Lives

Mental Health Therapy, an "experience" to remember

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Child and Family Therapy
sessions can benefit by: 
   Improving parent:child relationships
   Increasing compliance, structure
   decreasing sadness, irritability and anxiety
   developing coping skills
   growing skills for decison making, problem solving
   improve communication and self esteem

Young children benefit from play therapy. It gives them a natural way to communicate their thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Through this experiencial method they begin to develop an understanding of themselves and they develop coping skills. Because expereince or play involves multiple senses, the consious and subconsious, it creates new pathways in the brain.

Parents and Families benefit from play therapy or activity based therapy. Through these experiences and discussions, . They are given creative ways to intervene. Relationships are strengthed, while coping and communication skills are developed.

Adolescents enjoy activity based therapy. Experiential therapy for them can involve writing, art and music. Again, the experience offers expression, insight and development of a positive self image.

Activity based therapy strengthens family understanding and connection. As well, it makes learning and growing fun.


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